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Investment and financing sector finance data for May Market: more active angel investors, the Interne

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Although capital investment and financing sector inquiry on the endless winter, investment and financial markets, but there is no clear trend turn cold. May 2016, investment and financial sector financing database contains a total of 164 reported incidents reported financing, in April included a total of 141, growth of 16.3%. O2O / "Internet +" field included 32 cases, the highest proportion, April 26 from the field included, the chain rose over 23%. Internet financial sector financing event continues to grow, investment and financing or meet peak. This month's event is very eye-catching wholesale funding: microfinance network eligible for one billion yuan C round of financing; Didi travel eligible Apple $ 1 billion strategic investment, causing the industry all the conjecture.
Financing event grew steadily for four consecutive months, the Internet or meet financial Investment and Financing Summit
According to industry data show that investment and financing, O2O / "Internet +" is still nurture entrepreneurial innovation hot spot. In May, the distribution of financing in the field of analysis, O2O / "Internet +" accounted for 20%, from the beginning of February, has accounted for four consecutive months topped by capital favor is evident. Concern is financing the event of Internet financial sector has steadily increased for four consecutive months, continued to grow from nine to 19 in February from May, the average monthly growth rate of 28.3%. Internet banking accounted for 12%, compared with the O2O "Internet +", although there is a certain proportion of the gap, but its growth momentum great catch-up trend. Internet banking or financing will usher in the peak.
In addition, e-commerce, sports education and training, culture and advertising media, big data and other financing number of events have been enhanced. Wherein the area of ​​electronic commerce financing event 17 since April 9 onwards, growth of 89%; culture media advertising art financing event 13 cases, only seven in April, growth of 86%; large data fields financing event 12 since April to only 4 cases, growth of 200%.
Border investment and financing research that the Internet has been popular, as the essential basis for entrepreneurship and innovation, especially in connection followed by raw nature O2O concept is widely accepted, even though the incessant bad-mouthing O2O, O2O / "Internet +" event in the field of financing still frequent. Short term, O2O / "Internet +" is still much capital concern.
At the same time, the Internet this month outstanding finance, financing events included 19 cases, accounting for although unchanged from last month, but the number is higher than the previous month. Investment and financing industry experts said the financial market size of up to 10 trillion yuan, Internet banking is still promising, especially the Internet, insurance, supply chain finance and rural finance. Wukong Bao push Internet Insurance customization, eligible 100 million yuan Pre-A round of financing; microfinance net force auto loan, is eligible for 1 billion yuan C round of financing; Taobao and Jingdong Rural Rural electricity suppliers are already well underway for rural finance development.
A round the highest proportion, angel investors more active
Investment and financing industry to disclose the data show, A wheel, the highest proportion, followed by the angel round, accounting for 21%, compared with April, growth of 40%. A round and round in the A previous enterprises accounted for 72%, an increase of 12.5% ​​compared with April, early investment more active, especially angel round.
A + wheel and above accounted for 17% and 50% decrease in April. The so-called winter capital, more capital is more rational, more prudent investment, capital market does not completely follow the business boom to go. Surge in business projects, the same type of entrepreneurial enterprises will face more fierce competition in the next round of financing, which is also an important reason for B to complete the round, C and even D wheel wheel business is very small.
Venture geographical concentration, 60% of the financing companies located in North Canton
According to statistics sector investment and financing in the event of financing geographical distribution, in May continued to show a bipolar overall domestic situation: Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai accounted for 60% of the total, far ahead of other regions of the sum of the proportion of only 22%. A pole in the north of Guangzhou, Beijing most prominent, accounting for 32%, followed by Guangdong, accounting for 15%. The other pole, led Zhejiang, accounting for 8%, followed by Jiangsu and Sichuan provinces and cities in central and western part of the quiz end.
Investment and financing study found that from March 2016 to May, domestic financing of the event showed the geographical distribution of polarization state: March, north of Guangzhou event co-financing accounted for 68% and 30% in other regions; April, North Canton event co-financing accounted for 62%, 24% in other regions; in May, north of Guangzhou accounted for 60% co-financing of the event, 20% in other regions. One obvious result of this differentiation is to make venture capital tends to concentrate resources and this concentration and with a wide geographical distribution forming SMEs contradiction. This contradiction is how to relieve the financial investment industry need to work to solve the problem. Investment and financing industry to "let the world is not difficult to melt the money" for the mission, the advantages of using the Internet, the integration of investment and financing resources, the establishment of the country's largest financial and project information databases, break the geographical restrictions, to help SMEs to quickly find investors. So far, investment and financial community has successfully docked financing to help SMEs thousand billion.
65% of the amount of corporate finance at less than 100 million yuan, drops travel eligible Apple $ 1 billion the largest single investment
According to investment and financing industry statistics, 65% of the amount of corporate finance at less than 100 million yuan, raising the majority of small businesses. In May, 51 percent of corporate financing amount not more than 50 million yuan, in April the ratio was 41%, growth of nearly 24%. Microfinance has 50 million yuan less than the growth trend.
Growth, microfinance side reflects the growth of SMEs financing needs. SMEs can use the Internet, and actively looking for alternative sources of finance to investment and financing industry, represented by the professional investment and financing service platform, information-rich, professional services, is seeking financing business, close contact with investors a better choice. May In two of the more prominent wholesale funding event attracted many people's eyes. May 13, the world's leading one-stop mobile travel platform drops travel, Apple announced the acquisition of $ 1 billion in the largest single investment. May 15, Ali's Taobao movie studios to obtain 1.7 billion yuan A round of financing, two days later renamed movie Taobao Amoy vote, force pan-entertainment.
Overall, the financing market in May continued to be active, financing event last month increased 16.3%. O2O / "Internet +", Internet banking, e-commerce is still a popular investment. While winter on constantly, but there is no significant capital turn cold trend. Investment and financing industry experts believe that more reflected in the winter capital investors rational study of air and projects, rather than blindly reduce the number of investment projects, good business projects in the winter will be more prominent.

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